Les Amis des Animaux

Brokering the Welfare of Domestic Animals. For details of dogs in foster or in need of foster under Les Amis des Animaux, please check out www.facebook.com/LesAmisinFrance

and see full profiles on our website: https://lesamisdesanimaux.com/

To contact us click the Message on our page, use the Contact us on the website or simply write to [email protected]

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Helping Homeless Hounds

This page was created so that you can 'meet' some of the dogs in the shelter in Figeac. We hope you will enjoy reading their story. If you do, please LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE this page so we can reach even more people and increase the chances of these dogs finding a new home to call their own!

It tells the story of some of the dogs we have met at the shelter in Figeac 46100. We regularly meet at the shelter to brighten up their day by taking them for a walk and giving them a good cuddle, but sadly we cannot take them all home. That's why we have created this page, so we can share them with you in the hope of finding them a new family and a better life. They all have so much to give!

Call: 05 55 91 40 22 (English and Dutch)

Message: m.me/563586680502236

Web: [email protected]


En Route

Call : +33 7 69 18 56 81

Message: m.me/AssoEnRouteDogs

EMail: [email protected]

Web: http://www.assoenroute.com


If like me you are looking for that beautiful four legged member of your family try some of these fabulous associations. they do a wonderful job of getting dogs, cats, puppies off of concrete floors onto our sofa's. Yes I did say sofa's because lets face it when do you ever see a picture of humans on sofas , its always our beloved animals. You can find all the associations on or through Face Book and we will feature as many as we can on our wonderful


These non-profit associations give a fantastic insight into the animal itself and of the breed helping us all to make the right and informed decision.

Many thanks Suzanne xx