• This month we also welcome two new presenters, Mike Kroll and Keith Scowcroft who present a show together "UK USA Rock n Soul Connection Show". Their two hour show will be featured once a week. Please read about them on our Presenters Page. The schedule HAS BEEN UPDATEDto include their show!

  • Hello listeners!! Well let us hope that May brings some steps forward in the Covid 19 situation, and hope the storm is passing over. France may be slowly coming out of lock-down on 11th May, but more difficult times are still apparent in the UK. Our presenters will continue to provide plenty of musical entertainment for you, and weekly specials so please keep listening, share on Facebook and get in touch if you want a dedication, or just a listen to your favourite track of all time. Send in your requests to [email protected], or have your comments put on our web pages.


  • This month we are welcoming Mike Guy, who brings you his show called "Hot Off the Press" showcasing leading new single releases and trending hits from the UK, USA and European charts. Read about him on the Presenters Page.
  • We also have Lee Hennell presenting some ad-hoc shows, so keep an eye on the Facebook pages for his shows.
  • So most of our listeners across the globe are having to stay at home to withstand the storm of Covid 19, so make the most of your enforced leisure time and listen to our live shows. All of our presenters are working very hard to bring to you extra live ad- hoc shows. These don't appear on the schedule but are posted daily on Facebook pages. Just search for Timeoutradio or Timeoutradio Group. In particular, during these troubled times MWP is doing a morning Breakfast Show from 10-12, with a fun keep fit session between 10.30 and 11am.


  • So this month we kick off with a new and revised live schedule!!
  • Garry has added a new show on Tuesdays at 12pm - 2pm.
    SIXTIES REVISITED - Hits and hidden gems of sixties music along with television and film themes.
  • Rog will be adding a new show on Saturdays, ROCK 'n' BLUES with ROG
  • On Monday 2nd March MWP featured Christopher Rayson on his morning show, if you missed it I'm sure it will be repeated at a later date. You can read all about Christopher Rayson on our Featured New Artists page.


  • A very warm welcome this month to our new presenter Roger Devries.
  • His first show airs tonight 5th February 8-10 pm. Outward Bound with Rog! Rog will also be doing a Tuesday show, Roger's Track's of Your Years.
  • Also starting this month there is the opportunity to send in your voicemail requests. Email your soundbyte to [email protected] A personal dedication for that someone special!


  • Take a look at this artist!! His web site address is
  • More Exciting News for the start of the New Year of 2020.

    We will be welcoming TWO MORE presenters to our team, Tony Hennell, and Roger Devries, they will be recording and presenting live later in January and early February. You can read all about them on our Presenters page. Please contact our new presenters via the contact page to give them encouragement and involvement.


  • This month of December we extend a warm welcome to Garry Frostick who has joined our team. You can read about him on our presenters page.
  • Calling on anyone who would like to join our team as a presenter. All genres of music considered.

    Just get in touch via the contact page or Facebook and we will arrange for you to send a demo!

  • Our radio station is now listed in many music search directories. Go to the external links page for some examples.

  • NEW!! There is now a Golden Page. This page is for your views and suggestions. Please get in touch via the Contact Page to get your views added.
  • Via radio.net your timeoutradio station is available also on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Sonos.
  • Listen now on your phone or iPad!!  Don't forget there are now apps for Android and iOS . Just search your Google or ​Apple apps for timeoutradio!
  • Now featuring a new live show with Michael William Park. Currently he has a weekly slot on Friday evenings  7-9pm (FR) 6-8pm (UK)
  • Michael  will be playing for you a collection of soul, blues and classics. He is live (see schedule) and recordings can also be heard at other times during the day.
  • Mick's shows are playing right now, featuring 60s, 70s, 80s, a bit of romantics and up to the minute too. Tune in and enjoy.
  • We also have a Woodstock feature, celebrating 50 years since August 1969 when the biggest festival of music was held in Bethel, New York. A pivotal moment in the history of popular music. Take a look at the Woodstock page for pics and track list. Mick will be featuring tracks from this great event in a Woodstock hour coming soon!! 
  • Please don't forget to email us if you would like something played for that special occasion it will feature on one of our live shows.