Our Presenters

Michael William Park

I am a professional hairdresser with ma​ny years experience and curren​tly have a hair studio in Le Dorat in France. My passion for working in the hair industry started when I was fourteen where I was privileged to train and work for many years in the Vidal Sassoon studios. This took me onto New York where I could indulge in my love of Soul music. It was there I met many of the greatest artists of all time, Barry White, Alexander O’Neil, Luther Vandross to name but a few. Soul music is timeless, love songs, dance music, everyone has a favourite that jogs a precious memory.

Michael Hennell

As a youngster I was brought up on rock and roll music having two older sisters who lived for dancing to the music of the day. Later, my interest in music grew steadily from listening to all the Pirate Radio Stations, and I began DJ- ing in the seventies using vinyl records. I was eager to listen to all genres of music, but my first love will always be rock and roll!

I moved from vinyl to CD and my DJ- ing work moved into the clubs, pubs, private parties and weddings around the Basingstoke area, and I enjoyed every minute.

I moved to Brittany, France in 2008 and set up a DJ-ing business with my wife, working mainly for British ex-pats providing wedding and party music.  We have also raised a substantial amount of money for the charity Medecins Sans Frontiere by doing discos, a charity that we personally support. At the end of the day it is all about my love of the music, and where would we be without it!!​



Born in Essex near the coast my earliest memories of popular music was from the pirate radioships

that were anchored nearby (Radio Caroline (south) and Radio London in the mid 1960's.

From listening to the output from these stations my interest in popular music was begun.

Over the years I have been attracted and introduced to many different genres of music and now with my involvement with Timeout Radio I have the opportunity to share my love of the music that has been the soundtrack to my life both in the UK and now here in Brittany.

I hope to be able to introduce listeners to an eclectic mix of music as diverse as Prog Rock, Folk, Heavy Rock, Jazz and Classical and that you will find my shows stimulating. In order to further that aim I will be introducing some music quiz themes

I look forward to talking to you over the internet and trust that as well as playing some music that may be unfamiliar to you there will be a good selection of well known tracks.

Requests for your favourites are most welcome.