As a youngster I was brought up on rock and roll music having two older sisters who lived for dancing to the music of the day. Later, my interest in music grew steadily from listening to all the Pirate Radio Stations, and I began DJ- ing in the seventies using vinyl records. I was eager to listen to all genres of music, but my first love will always be rock and roll!

I moved from vinyl to CD and my DJ- ing work moved into the clubs, pubs, private parties and weddings around the Basingstoke area, and I enjoyed every minute.

I moved to Brittany, France in 2008 and set up a DJ-ing business with my wife, working mainly for British ex-pats providing wedding and party music.  We have also raised a substantial amount of money for the charity Medecins Sans Frontiere by doing discos, a charity that we personally support. At the end of the day it is all about my love of the music, and where would we be without it!!​


[email protected]





I am a professional hairdresser with ma​ny years experience and curren​tly have a hair studio in Le Dorat in France. My passion for working in the hair industry started when I was fourteen where I was privileged to train and work for many years in the Vidal Sassoon studios. This took me onto New York where I could indulge in my love of Soul music. It was there I met many of the greatest artists of all time, Barry White, Alexander O’Neil, Luther Vandross to name but a few. Soul music is timeless, love songs, dance music, everyone has a favourite that jogs a precious memory.


[email protected]


Garry G




Born in Essex near the coast my earliest memories of popular music was from the pirate radioships that were anchored nearby (Radio Caroline (south) and Radio London in the mid 1960's.

From listening to the output from these stations my interest in popular music was begun.

Over the years I have been attracted and introduced to many different genres of music and now with my involvement with Timeout Radio I have the opportunity to share my love of the music that has been the soundtrack to my life both in the UK and now here in Brittany.

I hope to be able to introduce listeners to an eclectic mix of music as diverse as Prog Rock, Folk, Heavy Rock, Jazz and Classical and that you will find my shows stimulating. In order to further that aim I will be introducing some music quiz themes

I look forward to talking to you over the internet and trust that as well as playing some music that may be unfamiliar to you there will be a good selection of well known tracks.

Requests for your favourites are most welcome.


[email protected]




Born in the fifties, grew up in the sixties and hit my teens in the seventies, music entered my life when my grandmother bought me a transistor radio for my 7th birthday. I listened to Luxembourg, Caroline and Radio1, when we, as a family, moved to London I went to the Old Kent Road market where found my first record deck and bought my first 7", following a move to Swindon I discovered the LP which I collected avidly. I eventually settled in South Oxfordshire where I joined a local youth club which had a disco workshop and thus began a life DJing, I started my own mobile in 1984 which continued until 2003. I then was co opted to a youth club committee a club attended by my children, at my suggestion the club began a disco workshop, things had come full circle.

I now live in Brittany France with my partner, 3 dogs, 7 cats, 2 horses and 6 goats, I must be mad!!!! From time to time I have a hankering to be 'at the decks' again but the rigors of running a mobile no longer appeal and then up pops Time Out Radio!! My taste in music is very eclectic which I describe as liking Black Sabbath to Beethoven and everything in between!!


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I am Colin Howard. I was dragged up in the sixties and seventies in the Manchester area of the UK.

Music, like food and oxygen, has always been an important part of my life; indeed, life’s memories and events are recalled by music.

I grew up with a sister who was 4 years older than me, so I was exposed to music, particularly the Beatles, from an early age.

I was fortunate to live in an area with a lively, live music scene, seeing in concert Ten Years After, Focus, Supertramp,10CC and being in a band, which played in the Stockport area.

I have a very varied taste, which ranges from Runrig, The Feeling, Train, Keane and Blossoms, to Italian, French and German music. My favourite band of all time, however, is probably the Eagles.

In later years, I have seen Runrig, the Feeling, Roxette and Keane several times, as well as, the Eagles, REM and Sheryl Crow.

Outside music, my interests are football, our cats, gardening and I have written two books on the West Somerset Railway, which is a heritage, steam railway in the south-west of England.

I love sharing my music and look forward to interacting with you on TimeOutRadio. Please send me any comments or requests to me by email.


[email protected]


Tony H


Hi my name is Tony

Born in the 60's grew up in the 70's and 80's (before the stop the fun police brigade) and the radio or record player was always on in our house whilst growing up.

So, I have been influenced mainly by my mum and dad's music taste. I like music from jazz to rock, and have a big vinyl record collection, but my favourite era of music is the 60's and 70's.

I was brought up in Berkshire and now live in Dorset. I have been volunteering at the local hospital radio station collecting and playing the patients requests which are very varied from classical to heavy metal and all in-between. I love music as something new can be discovered everyday no matter how old or new it is.


[email protected]




My earliest memories of listening to music came from the Sunday car journeys our family would take. The Radio was always tuned into BBC Radio two and I would remember listening to shows that would play old 70’s and 60’s music.

After a few false starts in my own musical tastes, it was during my teenage years that I started to get an interest in more modern music. It was in the 90’s that I purchased my first CD player and started to listen to more of a range of music. I am a fan of most types of music over the years, but feel that my musical tastes come from my time growing up in the 90s.

I hope to bring you a wide range of music and help you reminisce about times gone by, either as a kid growing up during this decade, or as a parent who had to endure listening to it through the bedroom doors of their children but secretly enjoyed as well.

Requests and dedications are more than welcome.


[email protected]



I came from a musical family – my earliest influence was

undoubtedly my mother who was a music – and musicals nut and the first NME chart in 1952 was full of songs that I, at the age of seven, could happily sing along with.

By the time I approached my early teens, I had an older cousin who introduced me to people like Eddie Cochrane, Buddy Holly and, crucially, Elvis who I have been a massive fan of since 1957.

I lived and went to school in Bedford before moving to

Cheltenham in 1982. In 2000 I bought my first property in

France where I holidayed regularly before buying my

permanent home in 2006.

I got involved with the local theatre group Les Rosbifs et Crepes and managed the Hospice Africa charity shop in Jugon les Lacs when it opened in 2008. That is how I met and became friends with your man Garry G and he and I ran regular entertainment quizzes based on music, film, TV and radio of the 50's, 60's and 70s to raise money for the charity.

In early 2019 I remarried and my wife and I moved back to the UK.

When I look back now on a week's listening, I find that I have enjoyed rock and roll, classical, big bands and vocalists, from the 40's, Paris cafe music, Ella Fitzgerald and much more.

CONTACT ME DIRECTLY:  [email protected]



Steven  spent the sixties in London, and started a band that played rock music by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

In his university years he played in groups that performed their own compositions and later joined musicians who later became part of bands led by Terence Trent D’Arby, Alison Moyet and others. He also spent some time studying Russian and English before qualifying as a teacher.

He worked in schools in London and West Yorkshire and subsequently taught in Ukraine and Beijing. In 2017 he and his wife moved to the Republic of Ireland but found it rather quiet, so on May 8 2020 they came to live in Charente, along with their dogs.

Steve was a freelance music journalist in California and was a contributor to Zigzag and Omaha Rainbow. He interviewed such heroes as Arthur Lee, Randy California, Chick Corea and, memorably, George Melly.

Steve and his writing partner, Christophe, who performs in Lyon under the name Makrilo, compose songs in English and French.


[email protected]



I have been interested in music for as long as I can remember, collecting vinyl over the years to the point that storage became a problem! I ran my own business for 20 years and then moved to live in Lanzarote in 2022. After moving to Lanzarote I volunteered as a presenter on a local community station here in Lanzarote and that is where The Time Of Our Music Life was "born.

Originally from the North East of England I was born and brought up in Stockton on Tees. The radio is always on wherever I am and I love any chart music from 1960 to (almost) the present day. The first record I ever bought was Esther & Abi Ofarim / Cinderella Rockefella, but please don't hold that against me!


[email protected]




The UK USA Rock 'n' Soul Connection is unique as Keith is from the UK and Mike is from the USA. Both have a wide and distinctly personal taste in music, which comes from their different background, cultures and life styles.

The show is made more interesting by featuring guest DJ’s from England, Scotland and America, all with different accents appeals to listeners all over the world.


Keith (left side in picture), is a native of Manchester in the northwest of England, the home of the famous Manchester United football team (soccer to our listeners in the States).

He relocated to Poole, Dorset on the south coast of the UK in 1972 and moved on to Shillingstone, North Dorset in 2015.

From a very young age, Keith had a passion for Cars and Pop music, living through the Mersey beat era, attending gigs in the Manchester clubs and theatres.

In 2004 Keith began an association with WPON, a radio station in Detroit, via the internet. In 2007 he was invited to visit the station and was a guest DJ on Jukebox Classics with Bel Air Bill and Howling Harry. He formed close friendships with them and several other DJs in Detroit. Luckily for Keith, his visit coincided with the Indycar Grand Prix of Detroit.

Subsequently, Keith teamed up with Mike Kroll and formed what he considers a great association by co-founding “The UK USA Rock 'n' Soul Connection” playing the sort of music they love to hear. It has been a very successful collaboration and they hope it will continue for some time to come.

The UK USA Rock n Soul Connection show can now be heard on over 40 internet and FM radio stations around the world with thousands of listeners.

Keith also has his own slot on the Flashback 70’s show on The Krushnation that is broadcast on the internet out of Detroit.

Mike (right side in picture), grew up in East Pointe, Michigan outside of Detroit. He has fond memories of playing drums throughout his school years and his love of music comes from his father, as he recalls his Dad playing records and dancing with his mother in their living room.

Mike’s interest in radio began when he was a teenager. He would attend live radio remotes in the Detroit area and dreamed about becoming a Rock and Roll DJ.

About 20 years ago Mike’s dream came true when he began radio broadcasting as a guest DJ on several live radio shows in Detroit and had the opportunity to be a part of David Washington’s Twenty Grand Revue on WPON. It was on David’s show where Keith’s and Mike’s paths crossed. Keith was a regular call in correspondent from the UK.

From there Keith and Mike developed a friendship and co-founded the UK USA Soul Connection, now the UK USA Rock ‘n’ Soul Connection a syndicated international radio show that airs on the internet and FM stations all over the world.

In addition, Mike continues as a guest DJ on the Elvis and Buddy Holly tribute shows on live radio in Detroit with his good friend and long-time DJ Jimmy James.


[email protected]




Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broacasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975.

In fact Dave was the Station Manager for several years.

He was also associated with Radio Fox, in his home city of Leicester, in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show.

Over the years, Dave has worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide.

He spent some time broadcasting in the USA, Canada, and Indonesia.

He still helps to produce shows in New York and Massachusetts - USA

Dave returned to live in the UK again in 2010. He has spent the past few years providing 'Voice Overs' for several radio Stations, producing them in the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.

He has also been very busy running his own Internet Radio Station, Classic Hits Uk, which showcases the hits of the 60's & 70's.

The station is heard in over 95 countries worldwide.

Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies, he has a genuine love for the popular music of those two  decades.

His special love of the 70's is reflected in his show called

'That Seventies Sound'

which he produces and presents each and every week.

The show is heard on quality radio station's around the globe.


[email protected]



I first started in radio way back in January 1990 at my local station 2BCR (later renamed to B-FM, and now known as 2BACR) at Bankstown. At the time I hosted a weekly music program on Tuesday nights covering music from the 50’s to the 80’s. Around 1993 I changed the format to a purely R&B-based program called “The R&B Experience”. Also at this time I joined our Saturday morning sports program Sports AM covering basketball & baseball.

During mid-1996 I decided to move stations and presented a music show on 2SSR Sutherland. It was also a various music format and ran until October 1998 when I shifted to 2GLF Liverpool to do Sunday breakfast. It was also in this time that I had a short stint on commercial station 2CA Canberra. The 2CA show did not last long and I was back at 2GLF until the end of 2000.

I took 2001 off to live & work in London with my wife before returning home, restarting my Sunday breakfast show at 2GLF. This last until mid-2005 when I picked up a casual show on Campbelltown’s commercial station C91.3. I was there for 2 years before I lost my shift and found myself (again) back at 2GLF, this time as a duo on Sunday nights for a music program called “Retro Rock Live” (www.retrorocklive.com).

We stayed at 2GLF until May 2019 when we moved on to Campbelltown’s local station 2MCR. We are currently still there on Wednesday nights playing music from the 50’s through to today.

Feeling the need to get back into solo shows I have now restarted The R&B Experience at my very first station 2BACR. I am very excited on 2 counts : playing real rhythm & blues music from Australia & around the world, and also being on my own for the first time in 13 years.

The R&B Experience is broadcast every Thursday night from 9pm Australian Eastern time and goes for 3 hours. Check your clocks for local times….

And I am always happy for people to email me with music suggestions, comments, queries and the like at [email protected] or find my Facebook page “The R&B Experience Radio Show” and feel free to leave your comments. Just remember to keep it clean & nice – spam or abuse will be deleted.


[email protected]



I bought my first single in 1969....."Sugar Sugar" by The Archies!!! I continued collecting rather a cross section of music until my best friend bought me "Burn" by Deep Purple for my eighteen birthday!! That was it....I became a life long "rocker" from then on!!

So my first love is ROCK, as is my second & third love.....although The Carpenters are my guilty pleasure!! Aside from Rock, I also love Sixties & Seventies music.....probably because I lived through them!!! lol

My love of Radio has been going for more years than I care to remember.....25+ years with Sunshine Radio on the Isle of Wight & a stint on internet radio with Vectis Radio for eight years, then I seemed to get offers to broadcast my shows all over the place!

A final thought....If someone had told me in 1969 not to collect the 6000 plus albums I collected over the decades because you'd be able to access them & more on a mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand I'd have never have believed it!!! Mind, I did enjoy collecting them!!!


[email protected]



I started taking a real interest in music from an early age. I developed an interest in DJing when my brother teamed up with a friend and used to do the clubs and pubs in the mid-70s. I developed a love of independent music in the 80s initially. By then, fed up with listening to the same top 10 songs played ad nauseum and I started looking at alternatives. I believes there is a significant number of like-minded listeners who also want something different. Hence the A&R Show. Album tracks and rarities. The kind of thing you won't normally hear on mainstream radio. Having been an avid listenerto an online station for a few years, I approached theowner about doing a one-off special. It was well-received, and as a result was offered a weekly slot. The rest as they say is history. I now present for several stations. I really enjoy preparing and recording the show,s as it really gets me thinking about what to play, and when. Off-air I enjoy the theatre, both on - and back-stage, and seeing local bands play.


[email protected]




Tony Lloyd is our Managing Director and a man with an obsession for all forms of broadcast media.

Although his work these days covers a broad range of media he has had a passionate interest in broadcast radio since he was a teenager. His experience in interviewing now benefits our film productions when we interview subjects to camera.

A director of All Oldies Radio, Tony continues to indulge his love of the wireless alongside his other work and interests.

A successful club and event DJ he trained at industrial radio station UBN and entered broadcast radio in the late 70's as a radio presenter for several radio stations including Ward Radio in London.

Tony spent over ten years at Chiltern Radio PLC including presenting the Drive Show at Chiltern Radio, Northants Radio, broadcasting on Invicta SuperGold, Severn Sound and launching Horizon Radio and The Hot FM with the Tony Lloyd Late Show.

In more recent years, Tony continued his radio career, presenting shows on Biggles FM, Black Cat 107FM, Decades Radio, LoveSongs 247, The Big MG and of course his latest venture with All Oldies Radio where he presents the Tony Lloyd Late Show and also his syndicated love songs show 'Love From Tony'

Tony's Public Relations knowledge and media expertise resulted in his appointment as County Public Relations Officer for the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Army Cadet Force and Broadcast Adviser and Media Trainer for the ACF National PR Training Team.

For more information about Tony Lloyd Radio go to www.tonylloydradio.com

Contact: [email protected]


Hello There

My name is Lee Hennell - no prizes for guessing who I am related too, we are all huge music and radio fans!

I was bought up in Berkshire and still live in the area, growing up, music of some kind was always playing in the house and that hasn't changed over the years. I have an eclectic taste in music, but some of my favourites are Queen, The Beatles and George Michael. My playlist will feature at least one or two songs from the great Freddie and the best band of all time - Queen.

I have a huge vinyl collection and can spend hours perusing record shops to find new and old sounds.

I look forward to chatting, playing music and sharing stories with you and hopefully putting some smiles on faces - music makes the world go round and without music where would we be!


[email protected]



My Name is Scott O'Hare AKA the Budgie Boy reason for that name is because I have 6 budgies and 2 cockatiels,

I am the host of your weekly show called Scott's Party Mix playing a wide range of new and old club, pub party tunes  you can catch my show here on timeoutradio.net


[email protected]