Alfie the Tripod Mastin Pup & his Journey to His Forever Home

Introducing “Alfie” (Formerly named “New”)

Alfie was surrendered to Conciencia Animal Granada along with his siblings: Sansa, Bloom and Yaris after the owner had tried to dump them. They were 3 weeks old mastiffs or mastiff mix so they will be large dogs. The others have all found their forever homes but Alfie is going to need someone special.

Alfie has a deformed front left leg - he is a cheerful and happy puppy but he is going to a home that will understand his needs and be able to support his ongoing medical care. He may need an operation to allow him to have a prosthetic leg and several prosthesis as he grows but we're hoping he will be able to learn to cope as he is. He will be assessed regularly by our Vet.

The Journey Begins ....with your help

Born on the 2nd September. He arrived at his temporary foster home in Válor, Spain on the 22nd. Alfie will stay here until he's able to continue his journey to his permanent home in Brittany.

Alfie’s forever home is an 8 acre smallholding in Brittany, France. He will live indoors as a member of the family with his new Mum and Dad. Alfie’s Mum has been rescuing and rehabilitating dog since 1982 some with special needs so has all the skills and experience to give him a full life despite his disability.

Alfie will have 2 rescue brothers - a Spanish Mastin, 17 months old, who was rescued from Leon in northern Spain who incidentally was born to a 3 legged mum and a 6 year old Malinois who spent 3 and half years on a chain in Normandy. Outside he will have lots of friends for him including the goats and horses.

Alfie will lead a safe, secure and happy life with any ongoing medical care for his leg. 🐾🐾

What Alfie needs and how you can support?

Firstly, Alfie needs help to get to his forever home - he needs vaccinations, neutering, food during his foster care and transport costs - all in all about £1000. Then going forward support for future care for his leg.

His new family will be covering much of the costs themselves throughout his life but need a helping hand to get Alfie off to the start he deserves.🐾🐾

The story continues....

December 11th 2020 Alfie arrived to his forever home at 6.20 this morning. He sang to Dire Straits in the van on the way back and finally fell asleep. Home, eaten his breakfast and now having another sleep.

"Good Morning everyone, Alfie here !" I" just spent my first night in my new home and I'm feeling great, comfortable and warm so much better than being in the crate in a noisy van. My journey has only just begun. I've had my first wee and poo outside this morning, believe me this task is not easy for me but I did it ! I had my breakfast and now it's time for another sleep.... I've got it nailed.....well this morning at least! .🐾🐾

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